The 11th International Scientific Conference of the Romanian German University of Sibiu is held in the beautiful city of Sibiu, which is located in the center of the country at approximately 300 km from the capital Bucharest. 

The city of Sibiu is one of the most important cities in Transylvania with a remarkable economic development potential, being also advantaged by its positioning on a traffic knot on the fourth Pan European Corridor and enjoying the benefits of an International Airport.

Known in German under the name Hermannstadt, Sibiu has always been the most important center of the German minority in Transylvania. Nowadays, Sibiu has the most numerous German community in Romania but also a fairly important Hungarian community. Still, Sibiu is a city with a predominant Romanian population (95% of the population is of Romanian origin) which knew how to preserve and mingle the 3 cultures to which the culture of other existing minorities was added.
The first documentary mentioning referring to the Sibiu area dates back from 1191, when Pope Celestine III confirmed the existence of the free prepositure of the Germans in Transylvania, the prepositure having its headquarters in Sibiu, named Cibinium at that time. The name of the city is officially changed into Sibiu in 1919, and the streets received Romanian names as well. In 1945, after the Second World War, the deportation of the Germans to USSR began.
Tourist attractions
Nowadays, Sibiu presents itself as a true cultural and touristic capital of Romania, appealing to the tourists due to its medieval charm, due to the wonderful beauties of its surroundings, its local gastronomy and traditions and due to its charming natural landscape.
Every year our city offer tourists a large array of attractions:


  • BY PLANE  - Sibiu International Airport ( ) is located on national road DN1, at 3 kilometers from the city center;
  • BY TRAIN – Train Ticket Agency (Agenţia CFR) , Tel: 0269/21.20.85, more information regarding train timetable at ;
  • BY CAR - Sibiu is passed by two major european roads: E 68 (Arad - Sibiu - Brasov) and E 81 (Cluj - Sibiu - Pitesti - Bucuresti)